Dave Yoshida, EA, MPAChief Number Cruncher

Dave Yoshida earned his Enrolled Agent status from IRS in January 2009. He also holds a Master of Public Administration degree from Rutgers University. He put this particular degree to use as an administrator in the nonprofit sector. Throughout his career in nonprofit organizations, he served as the manager of a 600-member volunteer corps, and as the associate director and then executive director of two San Diego literacy-focused organizations. Throughout his nonprofit career of more than 10 years, Dave also developed and managed budgets, honed his people and customer service skills, and learned about operating a successful business. He founded Fortunate Fields with the idea that by supporting a variety of nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and individuals with diversified business and personal solutions, he would enable these groups to focus on their true passions. Since he began Fortunate Fields in January 2006, Dave has been educated and trained by the best in his profession. He is a certified entity specialist, an Enrolled Agent (as such, licensed to represent taxpayers before IRS), and is a member of several national tax and accounting professional organizations.

Clyde Yoshida, Creative Director

Clyde Yoshida honed his creative skills as a math teacher at The San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts. The way he felt best able to compete with the school’s more exciting offerings of drama, music, dance, and visual arts was to make his math lessons more artistic and more creative. Throughout a 20-year career as a math teacher, it has been this combination of creativity and math that has made Clyde a respected and successful teacher. Clyde fills his personal time by creating original oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings and writing and producing original songs. Clyde leads the marketing and outreach efforts for Fortunate Fields. In fact, Clyde created the name “Fortunate Fields” by translating his own last name, “Yoshida,” into English.